Expressions of Kitty Love Through Diamond Art

The canvas caught my attention because of the beautiful kitty, and the pretty, yet solemn looking lady. I couldn’t resist creating my own. She has such a sad look about her, but the kitty looks so loving and supportive. As I worked on the canvas, I could hear the kitty telling her, “I’ll always be there,” which is why I selected this music.

Most cat owners will tell you that many cats feel and express love, however, some research suggests we are projecting our own emotions on our cats.  Other research has found strong evidence that cats are sensitive to human emotional gestures.

Midas, my Main Coon, will meow, “Stop please!” when I laugh out loud, or clap my hands.  If I keep it up, that meow turns to an ears down, demanding yowl!  If I sigh, or cry softly, he will come and jump on me, and look at me with concerned eyes.  

I recently had a bout of vertigo.  I am sure my behavior looked strange to Midas as I stumbled around, losing my balance, as I felt the room spinning and settled on sitting in my chair for hours with my eyes closed.

Midas stayed close to me for the entire day, preferring to be on my lap, and periodically requesting I open my eyes by gently batting my face and hands as if to say, “I’m here. You’ll be alright.”

Kitties can make you feel better even if you’re having a bad day because they love you unconditionally.

Do you have a “Kitty Cuddles” story?  I’d love to hear it!

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Kitty Cuddles by Christine Karro

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